Prize Items available for Drawing Winners

This page lists the items from which you can choose your prize:

Last updated: 11/23/2020

Paper Pumpkin kits
2020 November: Jolly Gingerbread
2020 October: Joy to the World UNAVAILABLE
2020 September: Hello, Pumpkin
2020 August: World’s Greatest
2020 July: Summer Nights *
2020 June: Box of Sunshine UNAVAILABLE
2020 May: A Kit in Color UNAVAILABLE
2020 April: My Wonderful Family
2020 March: No Matter the Weather UNAVAILABLE
2020 February: Lovely Day
2020 January: I’ll Bee Yours
2019 December: Something for Everything

* This indicates the kit was opened to ensure all the pieces were included. These are still new and unused. When other demonstrators report that they were missing something, I open my kit to verify all of the pieces are there.


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